We are an authentic Indian Spice Store located in Queensland -AUSTRALIA ,"Garden City" -TOOWOOMBA.We import and distributes various hygenically packed,high quality groceries from diffrent part of the world like INDIA,CHINA,MALAYSIA,INDONESIA & AFRICA.

We specialise in traditional Indian curry Pastes,Chutneys,Pickles,Instant Mix Products,Cooking oils,Sweets,Indio-Asian gluten free flours and a Variety of spices & herbs.

Our shop is setup,keeping in mind the multicultural nature of Australia,thereby you will find a variety of food items & Ingredients which would even attarcts the plural communities residing here..

We also hops that we could expose to the regional diversity and richness of our Asian culture to everyone though our food products.Moreover we promise you that fresh Asian spice products Only be end up on your Dinning table at a Competitative rate!.